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Oh, to be a little toy car enjoying a very elaborate Hot Wheels backyard racetrack

Backyard Racing has created a Hot Wheels track that comes complete with waterslides

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
It’s a beautiful day to be a toy car.
It’s a beautiful day to be a toy car.
Screenshot: Backyard Racing

Sometimes you wake up in the morning and have no idea that the new day just dawning ahead of you will make you think thoughts such as, “Boy, it would be really great to be a toy race car.”

And yet, thanks to the creation of the most elaborate Hot Wheels race track we’ve seen to date, we’re burning with jealousy at the sheer joy that a tiny piece of Mattel born plastic is allowed to experience.

In a video best watched while sitting at your official Hot Wheels personal computer, YouTube channel Backyard Racing shows off its “Aquapark Track” by filming a toy car ripping through it from a first person viewpoint.


The track starts off with a rollercoaster race through a tunnel made of popsicle sticks, which is fun enough in its own right, but it gets increasingly cool around the time the car dips into a waterslide. From there on out, it’s all hits. There’s a waterfall that feeds back onto the track. There’s a string-and-waterwheel set-up that pulls the car up a steep incline. There’s a plastic bucket elevator system. There’s also, at one point, a dog lying down next to the whole thing, watching the car zoom along with the majesty of a benevolent god.

While we’ve seen people go to absurd lengths to make elaborate Hot Wheels videos before (including a studio that even wants to release a whole movie about them), none have achieved the grandeur of the Backyard Racing track. None have made us long, as we’ve never longed before, to meet a friendly wizard willing to cast a spell that turns us into a miniature toy car so that we, too, can experience the thrills of this racetrack.


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