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How I Met Your Mother: "Miracles"

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Do you believe in miracles?

It's a measure of how convinced I've become of HIMYM's centrality in the CBS lineup that I didn't even think to be worried about its being renewed. If it weren't coming back in the fall, how would the ending to this season look? Most of us, despite the little hints that Stella fits some of YUG's profile (she was at that New Year's party, for instance), don't think she's the mother. So when Ted proposes to her in this season-ending cliffhanger, we know that this changes Ted's life — but probably because his eventual union with YUG wouldn't have happened without it. (Maybe because she says no?)

Everybody knows that Barney and Ted had to get back together, so that's hardly a miracle. It certainly was accomplished sweetly, what with all the bro tears and the remorse. And I believe that Alleged Miracle #1 in Marshall's list (pencil falls up the ceiling of McLaren's, bounces up Barney's nose) was one of the best Barney moments of the season ("Am I dead? Am I dead?"). But no, not a miracle.

But after tonight's episode, I do believe. Because the writers heard the deepest yearning of my heart and acknowledged that Robin and Barney are destined for each other. I felt it when they got together at the end of "Sandcastles in the Sand." I doubted myself when the whole thing turned into a Barney-Ted fight in "The Goat." But tonight, when Barney gazed tenderly at Robin while Lily and Marshall were wondering what great love of his life flashed before his eyes right before the bus hit ("a boob suit covered with money"), it all came true.

So I'm taking any and all theories. How does the proposal to Stella play out? Why wasn't Stella keeping track of where her little girl was in Kiddy Funland? How long will it take Barney and Robin to get together next season (and do they both end up living with Ted)? And do you believe in a drunk jackass called God? (Hey, my favorite CBS comedies got renewed for next season … maybe there's something to this whole providence thing.)

Grade: A-

Stray observations:

- The overhead shot of the car t-boning Ted's cab is a nice cinematic touch. The friends running in slow motion to the hospital got a little old (because of the painful sustained looks of concern on their faces). Ted sitting up jauntily offering them jello in the hospital bed — excellent.

- I'm sorry, Lily's dress made her look like one of Santa's helpers.

- What do you think would be the best thing to order at Popover Pantry? Popovers?

- Lice, in my experience, are not instruments of God's divine plan.

- I must concur with Barney's assessment of the date/time continuum (never make plans for farther in the future than you've been dating the person), although for Springsteen I would make an exception.