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Hulu solves the mystery of when it will stream the first 3 seasons of Veronica Mars

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Back in September, Hulu announced that it was planning to bring back cult classic mystery show Veronica Mars for an eight-episode revival season, which we eventually learned would be released on July 26. That announcement also included a reveal that Hulu would be getting the original three seasons of the show for everyone who needed a refresher on why a teenage girl became a hard-boiled detective, who killed Lilly Kane, or why Logan and Veronica are the all-time OTP, but at the time Hulu would only say that the old episodes—and the Kickstarted movie—would be available at some point before the new season premiered.

Now, we finally know exactly when that is, with Hulu releasing a new teaser for Veronica Mars that says all of the original episodes will be available to stream on July 1. That gives us all pretty much the whole month of July to catch up with all of our old Neptune pals, from the PCHers to the 09ers, and everyone in between.