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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

Irritating Celebrities: Revolutionary Blog Fodder!!!!

Hey y'all, I remember watching the end of Leno a while back (something I only do while waiting for Conan) and sure enough there was Jamie Foxx bleating his way through what appeared to be a god-awful R. Kelly knockoff (here's a hint for R& B singers out there: R. Kelly can only really pull off being R. Kelly about half the time. Others shouldn't even bother trying). I wanted to retain my respect for Foxx as an actor so I shut off the sound. Anywho, my point (and this hearkens back to Amelie's post) is that my irritation with Jamie Foxx as a ubiquitous celebrity-about-town is threatening to negate my appreciation for Jamie Foxx the accomplished, versatile and enormously talented actor. It's happened many, many times before. I loved Adrien Brody the quirky, daring character actor from "King of the Hill" and "Summer of Sam" but can really do without Brody's making-out-with-Halle-Berry, sodapop commercial, retarded spazz from The Village post-celebrity incarnation. Same thing with Russell Crowe: amazing actor, incredibly annoying celebrity. So here's my question for you, dear readers. What actors, writers and musicians have been ruined for you by their consistently obnoxious real-world behavior? Also, you can't say Tom Cruise cause everyone's sick o his bull-shiznit


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