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It's Rumor Time: David Lynch might be making a Netflix show

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David Lynch seems to be having a pretty chill pandemic: Doing his regular weather reports, sculpting, releasing the occasional short film. (And no roommate drama, as far as we can tell.) Now, though, there are reports that Lynch might be gearing up for something a little more ambitious than telling us about his death-based D-Day dreams while reminiscing about the rain, with Production Weekly reporting that an “Untitled David Lynch Project” has been scheduled to go into production next May, apparently at Netflix.


This is per What’s On Netflix, which notes that the untitled project (supposedly operating with a working title of Wisteria) is listed as a co-production between Lynch and long-time collaborator Sabrina S. Sutherland. There’s no other word on pretty much anything else about what the project might entail, but the report does fall in line with some comments Lynch made in a THR interview back in April, where he fell short of calling rumors about a possible Netflix show “false,” but did make it clear that he had no way to work on any alleged project at the time.

Lynch’s last major TV project was, of course, the long-anticipated third season of Twin Peaks—unless you’re one of those very strident souls who assert The Return to actually be an 18-part, serialized, episodic film that just happened to have been broadcast on TV. Before that, his TV work was confined to, well, Twin Peaks, although he did make that horrifying web series about the rabbit people back in 2002. He also previously worked with Netflix on What Did Jack Do?, i.e., “the short film in which David Lynch interrogates a monkey.

Anyway: All of this is pretty clearly nebulous, and while the production notice suggests that there are at least some plans in place to get some sort of project up off the ground, the uncertainties of the current COVID-19 situation—to say nothing of Lynch’s own artistic ambitions—mean that the only certainty here is that, if Wisteria (or whatever) does actually come to fruition, we’ll be happy and excited as ever to see what the writer/director has decided to make.