Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should do something. Like deep-frying a stick of butter, or combining strawberries and pizza. Following up on the recent “sushirrito” craze, chefs Julia and JP from HellthyJunkFood now attempt the spaghetti burrito in a new YouTube video. While wondering why, you may begin to suspect that, like the movie industry, the food world is also out of ideas for anything except crossovers and sequels.

Besides, only one of these is really a burrito, and that’s Julia’s. She actually mixes some spaghetti with some sauce and cheese and puts that inside a burrito, which she then sears and bastes with a garlic-butter glaze, resembling garlic (tortilla) bread. JP instead forms a sort of meatball log that he rolls in spaghetti and breading and deep fries. So if anything, it’s a spaghetti chimichanga—which may be the only food idea worse than a spaghetti burrito.