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Leading comes easily to Aziz Ansari in the Master Of None trailer

As a comedian turned actor turned author, Aziz Ansari has probably heard the old “jack of all trades, master of none” insult (it’s never a compliment). Maybe he’s even slapped the label on himself with self-deprecating humor. But in the trailer for his semi-autobiographical show, Master Of None, he looks more than ready to take the lead.


Ansari stars as Dev, a 30-year-old actor in New York City struggling with, well, just about everything that affects most people of his age and situation: When a casting director asks him to do an Indian accent for an audition (because hey, it worked for Ben Kingsley in Gandhi), he reminds her that there was more to the role than that affectation. And later, he refers expresses his frustration over the lack of parts for Indian actors while also calling out the whitewashing of Indian roles (his example: Max Minghella as Devya Narendra in The Social Network).

But it’s not all business—Dev’s also navigating the modern-dating scene, which we learn is far more convoluted than what his father (played by Ansari’s real-life dad) endured before marrying Dev’s mother. For where his parents’ generation might have wondered who should pay for dinner, Dev is gallantly springing for a morning-after pill for his girlfriend (Noël Wells). Oh, and he’s also wondering whether or not she’s “the one” for him and worrying if her grandmother is racist.

The main cast also includes H. Jon Benjamin, Eric Wareheim, and Ravi Patel, with guest appearances from Claire Danes and Noah Emmerich. Master Of None premieres November 6 on Netflix.