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Here's the first look at Lovelace, another in a long line of biographies of the 1970s—a decade that, according to the movies, spent all of its time making porn, much to the chagrin of its elder decades. “I didn’t raise my little decade to become a whore!” the 1950s used to scream at the 1970s, as the ‘70s went flouncing defiantly out of the house in its permed hair, mesh muscle tees, and greasy mustaches, setting off to make more porn. Anyway, this particular movie looks specifically at Deep Throat star Linda Lovelace, whose porn was deemed the most popular of all that was harvested from America’s lush porn-fields in those days, yet whose home life was not as happy as one might assume for a girl who was forced into administering blowjobs on camera by her abusive husband.


Anyway, Amanda Seyfried plays Lovelace and Peter Sarsgaard her husband, with a cast of characters alternately encouraging and shaming their exploits that includes Adam Brody, Bobby Cannavale, Hank Azaria, and Chloe Sevigny, Robert Patrick and Sharon Stone as Lovelace’s disapproving parents, and James Franco as James Franco’s interpretation of the idea of the meaning of Hugh Hefner. And in the background is the 1970s, just going about the era’s business of making the porn that sustained it.

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