MAFIA MAMMA | Official Trailer | Bleecker Street

Of course, we also get the requisite fish-out-of-water quips, sexual innuendos, grape-picking and stomping scenes, dull-to-glam makeover sequences, and multiple Godfather references. Try not to laugh when Kristin asks, “Is that a cannoli in your pocket?” or when Kristin tries on a spinsterish outfit, prompting someone to remark, “You look like a librarian from a library… and not a porno.” And, speaking of requisites, let’s not forget the loyal best friend back home—in this case, Jenny (a winsome Sophia Nomvete)—whom you just know will turn up later, when it really counts.


Mafia Mamma will not be remembered at Oscars time. Hell, you’ll mostly forget about it by the time you get back to your car. It should have been better, with more dimensionality for several supporting characters (particularly Bianca) and more (and sharper) jokes, as well as fewer clichés, stereotypes, and predictable scenes. And, not one single moment of it even remotely resembles reality. Still, it’s stupid-silly and breezy fun, with a welcome feminist spin, and a committed, top-tier performance from Collette. All hail the Godmother.

Mafia Mamma opens in theaters Friday, April 14