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Mark Hamill and Lena Headey join Guillermo Del Toro's Trollhunters season 2

(Photos: Gerardo Mora/Getty Images; Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Ron Perlman might not be making anymore Hellboy movies, but director Guillermo Del Toro did spin out one of that truncated franchise’s most captivating scenes into its own book and TV series. Netflix’s Trollhunters looks largely inspired by the troll market scene in Hellboy II: The Golden Army, a foundation that has its flaws, we discovered when we reviewed the show late last year. Trollhunters’ heart and talented voice cast—including Kelsey Grammer, Amy Landecker, Anjelica Huston, Ron Perlman (naturally), and the late Anton Yelchin, who voiced the lead character, Jim—keep it from being a by-the-numbers hero’s journey.

For season two, Del Toro’s lined up even more top-notch talent, as Screencrush reports Mark Hamill and Game Of Thrones’ Lena Headey have joined the cast. Hamill has a long list of voice acting credits, but the role he’s best-known for is Batman: The Animated Series’ Joker. The Star Wars actor will play “the unknown older brother of one of the Trollhunters who has unfortunately “pledged his loyalty to the evil Gunmar.” Headey, who stars as Cersei Lannister in HBO’s ratings juggernaut, will remain in her milieu as “an extremely powerful and evil sorceress who must be stopped at all costs.” They’re joined in the cast by Thrones’ David Bradley (Walder Frey), who will voice a character “known to have great magical powers—but the Trollhunters find he’s not the mystical wizard they expected.” But does he know a spell that can reverse a throat-slitting and a “family” dinner?


There’s no release date yet for the second season, but Jim’s voice will still be Yelchin’s—the late actor apparently recorded two seasons worth of scripts.

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