Photo: Amanda Edwards (Getty Images)

Good news tonight for anybody who’s ever watched a recent Transformers movie and wondered, “Why don’t they just cut out the middle man here and turn Mark Wahlberg into one of these fucking robots?” Per Variety, the actor’s long-in-the-works, inflation-adjusted film version of The Six Million Dollar Man has finally scored a release date, with Warner Bros. setting The Six Billion Dollar Man for May 31, 2019.

Wahlberg’s been attached to the project since 2014, presumably drawn in by the chance to bulk up his ever-growing collection of fashionable tracksuits. The film itself is a remake of the old Lee Majors TV hit, about a former astronaut who uses the power of slow-motion action sequences to fight for his fellow man. (The title itself refers to the costs of its hero’s cybernetic upgrades, and not, say, Wahlberg’s famously high salary demands.) Originally developed at The Weinstein Company, the film was sold off to Warner Bros. last year; Oscar nominee Damian Szifron—who stepped in for Wahlberg’s frequent collaborator, Peter Berg, back in 2015—is set to write and direct.