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Martin Scorsese's teaching a MasterClass

(Photo: Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images)

Online education site MasterClass operates from an undeniably hooky premise: Find one of the biggest, most recognizable celebrities in a field—Gordon Ramsay for cooking, Shonda Rhimes for screenwriting, Steve Martin for comedy, etc.—and get them to give a point-blank series of talks into the camera on the subject of their choice. Now, the site has secured the services of another undeniable master of his field, having just announced that it’ll soon be adding Martin Scorsese’s MasterClass on filmmaking to its catalog.

Besides being one of the great directors of his generation, Scorsese is famously a guy who loves to talk movies and film-making, an enthusiasm that quickly comes through in the trailer for his lecture series. The topics range pretty widely, from the art of letting actors improvise, to the details of the production design on Casino, to just dealing with the nausea that accompanies every new film. (There are also plenty of clips from his films, in case you needed to be sold on the idea that Martin Scorsese knows a few things about making movies.) Scorsese’s MasterClass will go up online next year, although you can pre-enroll now. In the meantime, aspiring filmmakers will just have to make due with Werner Herzog’s MasterClass on the same subject, instead.


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