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Netflix's Marc Maron: End Times Fun trailer will make you laugh through the end of the world

If you’re a regular listener of WTF, you’ve probably been anticipating this moment for months: The official trailer for Marc Maron’s Netflix stand-up special, Marc Maron: End Times Fun. Maron has spent a fair amount of time during the pre-interview chatter on WTF discussing his stand-up tour and filming the special, which features a wealth of material the comedian and podcast host has already begun to ditch in favor of newer jokes; like most comedians, the special serves as a farewell or cleansing of sorts. For those who haven’t attended one of the shows on his latest tour, it’s all new, and based on this trailer, it’s the sort of contemplative-yet-reflexive, incisive, and—yes—cynical humor we’ve come to expect from Maron.


End Times Fun, which arrives on March 10, features Maron riffing on the imminent end of the world. “All of us, in our hearts, really know that we did everything we could,” he says. “We brought our own bags to the supermarket... Yeah, that’s about it.” We’re living through a time that seems pretty damn hopeless, and Maron might not be able to offer us much in the way of solutions, but he’s definitely going to make sure we laugh our asses off through this damned apocalypse. Here’s Netflix’s official description of the special:

The lizard portal is open, and the sky is on fire. Marc’s back to talk about the end of the world as we know it, in his new stand-up special ‘End Times Fun’, streaming March 10th, only on Netflix.