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Amazon’s adaptation of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s Good Omens just received another positive sign, with Variety reporting that Nick Offerman has joined the cast. The story says he’ll be playing an American diplomat living in England with his son, Warlock, who is believed to be the Antichrist. As the main plot centers on an angel and a demon trying to delay the apocalypse so they can keep hanging out on Earth, the fate of the Antichrist is a major concern—even if Warlock’s destiny might not be exactly what everyone seems to think it is. In a statement, Offerman noted that he’s a fan of the original book is “giggling at the luck” of being able to work on the adaptation with Gaiman.

Amazon’s Good Omens will also star Michael Sheen, David Tennant, and Jon Hamm. Filming is currently happening in South Africa, so a premiere is probably fairly far off.


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