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Noisy things are extra scary in the expanded trailer for A Quiet Place

John Krasinski’s supernatural thriller A Quiet Place already has a good hook in the form of unseen creatures who kill people when they make noise—as seen in the movie’s short Super Bowl teaser—but this expanded trailer adds an extra scary angle with the reveal that Emily Blunt’s character is pregnant. When this family already has to deal with one kid inexplicably activating his noisy shuttle toy, the idea of giving birth to a loud baby who doesn’t even know about these sound-hunting murder monsters must be pretty unnerving. This trailer also seems to focus on Blunt’s character a lot more than it does Krasinski’s character, which doesn’t bode well for ol’ Jim Halpert. He directed A Quiet Place, though, so he can’t really complain if he gets killed off early on.

A Quiet Place will be in theaters on April 6.


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