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Oh hey, that soft-speaking butt guy is in the trailer for FXX's new shorts series, Cake

If there’s one thing we here at The A.V. Club news desk understand, it’s the impermanence and transience caused by the steady and unceasing flow of internet traffic. (We’re also more likely than the average person to catch a semi-obscure Comedy Bang Bang joke.) And yet, if something is going to lodge in our brains, years down the line, it’s going to be something like Kristen Lepore’s “Hi Stranger.”


You remember “Hi Stranger,” right? It’s the one with the little stop-motion guy with the very obvious butt, who talks in soft tones like some kind of Matthew McConnaughey life coach. It was memorable enough at the time that it infiltrated the pop culture ecosystem more deeply than you might expect; heck, Stephen Colbert even riffed on it on his Late Show. And now, somehow, it’s back.

FXX released the above trailer earlier today, promoting its upcoming mostly-animated anthology series Cake, a “handcrafted assortment of bite-sized shorts carefully curated and served up as a tasty treat for the mind.” (So, a bunch of old internet videos, mixed with sketch comedy, as far as we can tell.) Said bite-able shorts apparently include Lepore’s film, though, because hey, there’s that guy again (and his butt), showing off his little tree. The whole thing is extremely Adult Swim, but if it gets more of that butt guy in our life, who are we to complain?