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Paolo Sorrentino takes on a sleazy billionaire turned world leader (no, not that one) in the Loro teaser

Who could have guessed that a vain, venal, and sleazy right-wing billionaire with no political experience and a penchant for blurting out whatever garbage crossed his mind could end up leading a whole country? The Italians, for one, given that they somehow made Silvio Berlusconi their longest-serving prime minister since, uh, Benito Mussolini. The most notorious figure in the European political landscape, Berlusconi was once seen as a phenomenon unique to the notoriously corrupt world of Italian national politics—a man whose three administrations were marked by sex scandals and charges of everything from business- and family-related conflicts of interest (sound familiar?) to underage prostitution. (Berlusconi was actually found guilty of the latter, but somehow got his jail sentence and lifetime ban from politics overturned.)

But nowadays, a Berlusconi biopic can’t help but be read as a film about Donald Trump; similarities between the two have been noted since the beginning, from their real-estate fortunes and alleged mob ties to his crush on Vladimir Putin. And likely that’s not lost on the Italian director Paolo Sorrentino (The Great Beauty, The Young Pope). His new film, Loro, stars Toni Servillo—who last played a scandal-plagued Italian prime minister for Sorrentino in the Giulio Andreotti biopic Il Divo—as Berlusconi. Unfortunately, this first teaser doesn’t offer much of a sense of Servillo’s performance, aside from a few glimpses of Berlusconi’s distinctly molded hairline. (What is it with these guys and weird hair?)

Loro is widely expected to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in May.

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