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Patty Jenkins has been holding out for a male director-sized payday

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Ever since Wonder Woman made its triumphant debut, reuniting director Patty Jenkins with star Gal Gadot for the sequel that’s already been scheduled for a December 2019 release has seemed like a real no-brainer. But while word broke that Jenkins was working on a treatment for Wonder Woman 2—which will reportedly be set during the Cold War—there was no official announcement from Warner Bros. And yet, there was also no reason to think Jenkins, who imbued the DCEU with some much-needed humor and color, wouldn’t be asked back.

But while we’ve been doing all this speculation and mental negotiation on behalf of the director, who scored the best opening ever for a woman-helmed film as well as the best global box-office takes for a live-action film made by woman, she’s been looking at the big picture. According to Deadline, Jenkins has been holding out for a payday in line with what someone with her recent box-office success would be offered, which is to say, what a male director would get. The publication writes that Jenkins “expects to be paid substantially more” than the first time around, and while the amount hasn’t been revealed, the details are reportedly being finalized. A source tells Deadline they’re “confident the deal will be reached soon,” which is good news for Wonder Woman fans and the studio.