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Photo: Matt Petit (AMPAS via Getty Images)

In a slightly disappointing end to one of the better gags from last week’s Academy Awards ceremony, Phantom Thread costume designer Mark Bridges has decided to give away the Jet Ski that Jimmy Kimmel gave him for having the night’s shortest speech. Bridges, who also won the Oscar for costume design, evidently had no use for the bright green Kawasaki, as he has now donated it to the Motion Picture Television Fund so it can be given away in a raffle on Omaze.com.


This comes from The Hollywood Reporter, which says that the money from the raffle entries will be used to benefit the MPTF’s “We All Play Our Part” campaign, which provides various services—including financial assistance and counseling—for current and retired members of the entertainment industry. Entries are available at donation levels between $10 and $5,000, and the page explains that the Jet Ski is a 2018 Ultra 310LX with “a four-cylinder engine, sweet audio system, GPS, and three seats for you and your pals.”

There’s also this great line, which is way funnier than anything we could say: “The Shape Of Water may have won Best Picture, but nothing will beat the shape of water you leave behind on your sick new ride.”

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