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Please enjoy this interviewer embarrassing a breathtakingly smug Richard Spencer

There are few people more imminently hatable in the public sphere in 2017 than Richard Spencer, the self-congratulating white supremacist who sucks so hard and is so punchable that he forced Macklemore to get a new haircut. The above video will provide, to any right-thinking viewer, first a powerful overload of their preexisting disdain for Spencer—watch as he smugly proclaims that slavery was good for African-Americans between sips of whiskey and occasionally affecting his best Patrick Bateman. It will ultimately, however, provide a thrill of relief, as Guardian writer Gary Younge illustrates the proper way to interview him—refusing to take the bait on his most provocative statements, countering his clearly convoluted reasoning as it starts to mount, and then ending the goddamn interview and walking away, because Richard Spencer is a fucking moron.

The interview is part of a larger documentary by Younge called Angry, White And American—so, essentially the Richard Spencer story—which is debuting this week. The written component of the story is online now. Please enjoy some videos of Spencer getting punched below.


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