Pokemon Sleep - Official Trailer

In a break from Pokémon series tradition, the main star seems to be Snorlax (the big sleepy Pokémon) rather than Pikachu (the electric mouse Pokémon), though the trailer also features somebody getting poked by a Bulbasaur (shoutout to all of the cool kids who picked Bulbasaur) and another shot with a Slowbro in the bed—even though Slowbro, which is like a small hippopotamus with a gigantic crustacean attached to its tail, seems like one of the objectively worst pocket monsters to have in your bed. There are so many huggable Pokémon, and they pick one of the ones with a big sharp shell? You might as well throw a Geodude in there. Who doesn’t want to roll around in bed with a bowling ball that has arms?


Anyway, Pokémon Sleep will supposedly be available on Android and iOS this summer.