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Capturing one of the most upsetting Thanksgivings since something something when your uncle etc., etc., here’s the first look at Prisoners, a thriller in which Canadian director Denis Villeneuve begins his U.S. film career by absolutely ruining the most American of holidays. It all starts out nicely enough, with neighbors who just so happen to be very famous people Hugh Jackman, Terrence Howard, Maria Bello, and Viola Davis settling in for some family time. But then an ominous RV arrives, and Prisoners veers into a kidnapping that causes Jackman to scream, “WHERE’S… MY… DAUGHTER?!” at an intensity that puts all assorted Fords, Cages, and Neesons to shame. The mystery revolves around a typically creepy, customarily punchable Paul Dano, and not even Jake Gyllenhaal’s neck-tattooed, Win Butler haircut-sporting “Detective Loki” can use his rockin’-cop powers to solve it—and so naturally, it’s up to Jackman to take matters into his own vigilante hands. Fairly warned: If you’re one of those who’s had had it with trailers giving away too much of the plot, this won’t do much to assuage you.


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