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(Photo: Getty Images for CBS Radio, Emma McIntyre)

As reported by Pitchfork, Canadian punk band Zex has been dropped from its label, Magic Bullet Records, over some sexual assault allegations that have been brought up against guitarist Jo Capitalcide. In a statement posted on the label’s website, it explains that it received emails about Capitalcide’s alleged history of assault recently and was able to corroborate some details after talking to Zex singer Gretchen Steel (who is in a relationship with Capitalcide). Because of that, Magic Bullet has decided to immediately drop Zex. The statement goes on to say that it will be making donations to RAINN and Cornerstone Housing For Women in Ontario, and it will be offering refunds to anyone who bought Zex’s most recent album.

This news comes just a day or so after a few Zex songs were mistakenly pressed onto vinyl copies of Beyoncé’s Lemonade, giving the band an unexpectedly big spotlight. Neither Zex or Beyoncé really had anything to do with that, though, Columbia Records blamed it on the processing plant that physically makes the records.


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