Minor went a bit mad with the extremely modest amount of power he’d been granted through the indifference and negligence of the internet. He invented characters, like “Dr. Paradigm” and “Roxie.” He claimed that the voice cast included Adam West and famed shark-jumper Henry Winkler. He created summaries for ridiculous episodes like “The Hot Chick” and “The Shiva Saga.” Minor watched in delight as his lies spread to IMDB entries and Wikipedia talk pages. “It was a fun creative exercise,” he says now, “trolling as antagonistic fan fiction.” But Minor’s real enemy doesn’t seem to be Street Sharks, a show he describes as “a kitschy piece of 1990s pop culture trash.” Instead, his target has been the entire internet, a place where reality and fantasy are freely intermingled. Minor loves that his falsehoods have been accepted as facts in so many online venues, but in a world where Wikipedia is rapidly usurping actual encyclopedias, his story has some troubling implications.

[via Geek]