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Ringo Starr Is Really, Really Busy

Ringo Starr, musician, fourth Beatle, and inspiration for un-heartthrob members of boy bands everywhere (including Danny, the Ringo of NKOTB, and Joey Fatone, the Ringo of N'SYNC), released a very serious message to all of his fans today. How serious is the message? So serious that Ringo delivered his personal, important missive to his fans via the conduit for all things serious and important: YouTube. If it's good enough for Diddy, it's good enough for literally anyone:

The third question that springs to mind after watching this video, after "What?" and "Who's still writing to Ringo?" is "Why now?" After decades of receiving and answering fan mail, why would Ringo choose to stop at this particular moment?

In the video, Ringo offers an explanation, "I have too much to do." While that sounds like a variant of the classic flimsy "I'm really busy," non-excuse, after reading Ringo Starr's Myspace blog (for the record, no one should attempt this for any reason ever), I discovered that in Ringo's case it's true: he really is too busy. See, he's trying to bring peace and love to the entire world, which undoubtedly takes up a lot of time considering that the world is large, Ringo's not Santa, and that's an unattainable goal.

As evidenced in the video, Ringo believes that global peace and love can be achieved by repeatedly saying, "Peace and love." And who knows? Maybe it can. If freeing up Ringo for more daily "peace and love" intonations could bring about world peace, it's probably worth disappointing the dozens of Ringo fans who only wanted their Liverpool 8 posters signed.


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