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Sarah Jessica Parker confirms moviegoing public is safe from another Sex And The City sequel

The Sex And The City 2 cast at the U.K. premiere of unleashing their movie on an unsuspecting public ((Photo: Max Nash/AFP/Getty Images)

For a series that ended in 2004, Sex And The City has cast a particularly long shadow, helped along by a decent movie adaptation in 2008, then effectively destroyed by the execrable Sex And The City 2 in 2010. That multiple Razzie winner was so very terrible, the promise of a SATC franchise effectively died. Still, you can’t blame the cast and creators for perhaps wanting to make another movie to try to wipe the image of the four main cast members—Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristin Davis—riding camels across the desert from everyone’s minds.

So rumors have swirled for years about a third SATC movie, raising hopes in diehard fans of cosmopolitans and expensive shoes. And now those hopes are perhaps permanently dashed, as People magazine reports that SJP told Extra this week, “It’s over… We’re not doing it.” She neglected to offer any reasons behind the decision, except to say “I’m disappointed. We had this beautiful, funny, heartbreaking, joyful, very relatable script and story,” which hopefully did not include camels of any kind.


If you are familiar with the SATC backstage goings-on, you might already have a theory as to what led to this fallout. Vanity Fair addresses some rumors swirling around the aborted sequel, suggesting that Cattrall was the holdout after the other three leads had already signed on:

[T]hat’s why we have the rumor mill, which recently churned out one possible theory: that co-star Kim Cattrall, who plays the lascivious Samantha Jones, was holding out, per DailyMailTV, refusing to sign on for another sequel unless studio Warner Bros. pledged to develop other movie projects she was working on.

Cattrall was quick to deny those rumors on Twitter, however:


Fans may be disappointed, but we agree with this guy:


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