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Satire to collapse in on itself as Donald Trump hosts Saturday Night Live (again)

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Deadline brings the yuuuge news that Headless Horseman stand-in/Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is set to host Saturday Night Live on November 7. (This will be Trump’s second time hosting the show; he previously hosted in the halcyon days of April 3, 2004, when he was little more than a reality-show host who only shared his opinions on immigration with resentful members of his household staff.) Trump is expected to stand there and scowl as cast member Taran Killam attempts to engage him in banter in character as “Donald Trump”; Trump will then reply that he has a team of very talented experts working on a punchline to that joke, forming a Möbius strip of satire that will rend the fabric of comedic space-time as we know it. Oh, and the musical guest will be Sia.