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So, what should we ask Donna Lynne Champlin to sing for us (for a good cause)?

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It’s been almost a year since Crazy Ex-Girlfriendone of the best shows of the 2010s, and perhaps the best TV musical of all time—signed off with an excellent finale. Since then, we haven’t seen nearly enough of Donna Lynne Champlin, who played the fearless, loyal, and occasionally extremely intense Paula Proctor. We miss the singing. We miss the dancing. We miss the ice trays. We miss the stalking and the legalese and the word “cookie” as a pet name. (We also miss Another Period.) But what on earth can we, your humble A.V. Club, do about such a thing?


Well, we can buy a Cameo—for a good cause.

In the midst of, you know, everything, Champlin decided to turn her Cameo account into a fundraiser for No Kid Hungry, a non-profit dedicated to ending child hunger. All proceeds from any Cameos ordered go to support the charity, and she’s even offering a discount code for those who’d like to support but can’t swing the full fee. (We won’t be using it, but it’s there.)

“It’s funny, I used to get a lot of ‘sing happy birthday to my wife’ or ‘my friend is graduating law school’ Cameo [requests],” Champlin told The A.V. Club via email. “Now most of what I get is ‘give me a Paula Proctor pep talk.’ Or ‘I’m so scared and lonely, please cheer me up,’ or ‘my friend is isolated and alone, please make her laugh and sing something for her.’ Which of course, I’m happy to do.”

She also assures us her neighbors are cool with all the singing and know why it’s happening, so our order will not disrupt anybody’s self-quarantine.

So, what should we request? Something from Crazy Ex? Sweeney Todd? Um, let’s see, how about Dolly Parton? Do we just want a Paula Proctor pep talk? A reading of Goodnight, Moon? Some thoughts on Outlander? Should she sing the theme from Succession? Or just a rousing chorus of “First Penis I Saw”?

In short, the world is our oyster, but we need your suggestions. Share your ideas in the comments or at the email address below. A quick note: Our comments section remains glitchy in Firefox; the team is working on a fix but for now we recommend Chrome, Safari, or the mobile site. (You could also find this writer on Twitter.)


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