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The number of Nicolas Cage movies that are released in a given year could make up their own limited series. Why, in the last two months, The A.V. Club has reviewed two new films, which range from the blandly bonkers
Looking Glass to the delightfully batshit Mandy. In the latter, Cage gets into a chainsaw fight, just as the fates predicted.

Though our own A.A. Dowd admitted it “there’s no real point in approaching Mandy like a normal movie,” because “it’s a fetish object, a juvenile art-installation stunt,” Mandy has been well-received by critics. Seriously—it has a 100 percent fresh score over at Rotten Tomatoes, just like Paddington 2 (which we have to point out has zero bloody fights). The movie was shown as part of this year’s Sundance midnight movie lineup, but now Entertainment Weekly reports that Panos Cosmatos’ film will soon get a theatrical release. RLJE Films has acquired the U.S. rights for distribution, and plans to unleash the film on summer moviegoing masses this summer. It’s just too bad Mandy’s not in VR.


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