The Pale Man, that eyeball-palmed goofball from 2006's Pan’s Labyrinth, may be a character meant to stand in for any number of cultural evils, but he’s also a great guy to dress up as if you want to stand out from all the sexy Steve Bannons and hot Scaramuccis sure to be haunting the streets this Halloween.

Makeup wizard Ellinor Rosander, over at YouTube channel Ellimacs SFX Makeup, is ready to help with a video explaining the process of turning yourself from a boring old normal-necked human to everyone’s favorite Labyrinth-starring, long-fingered flesh-freak.


It’s an involved process, requiring careful latex sculpting and a lot of patience, that may just take from now until the end of October to get right. The good news is that anyone who finishes up early can take the time to get more comfortable in their horrendous costume, enjoying brisk evening strolls across graveyards and abandoned buildings in the cool fall air. You could also try to figure out how to do shots through The Pale Man’s nightmarish mouth flap to really impress people.

[via Laughing Squid]