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Surprise! Morrissey can’t find a label for his new record

Morrissey showing off his book about Morrisey
Morrissey showing off his book about Morrisey
Photo: ADAM IHSEL / TT/AFP via Getty Images

After a decade of straight-up annoying the crap out of everyone with an assortment of racist comments and getting cuddly with extremist groups, Morrissey is without a record label. Yup, the guy who you were obsessed with in high school because he was good at irony is, ironically enough, having a hard time finding people to get obsessed with his new record, Bonfire Of Teenagers.


On his website, Morrissey Central, Morrissey is quoted as saying, “The worst year of my life concludes with the best album of my life.” And yes, he is quoted. He didn’t just post this, which is a good thing because, for the love of God, Morrissey needs to stop posting. The announcement concludes, “Morrissey is unsigned. The album is available to the highest (or lowest) bidder.”

Fans of Morrissey, a loyal fandom if there ever was one, will also be happy to see the tracklisting for the album. They will surely be delighted to read the song titles “Ha Ha Harlem,” “Rebels Without Applause,” and “Kerouac’s Crack.” No Morrissey fan’s collection is complete without the record that contains the future deep cuts “I Ex-Love You” and “Sure Enough, The Telephone Rings,” both of which sound like songs from The Simpsons episode Moz got pissed about in April.

The full tracklist:

  1. I Am Veronica
  2. Rebels Without Applause
  3. Kerouac’ Crack
  4. Ha Ha Harlem
  5. I Live In Oblivion
  6. Bonfire Of Teenagers
  7. My Funeral
  8. Diana Dors
  9. I Ex-Love You
  10. Sure Enough, The Telephone Rings
  11. Saint In A Stained-Glass Window

The headline is a lie. It isn’t that surprising that Morrissey is having trouble finding a label. For roughly the past decade, he’s been sharing some pretty heinous racist commentary, casually defending Harvey Weinstein, and offering public support for far-right extremist parties on The Tonight Show. So, yeah, Morrissey’s brand of irony isn’t aging particularly well.

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