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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

With barely a year to go before the release of Amazing Spider-Man 2, time is rapidly running out for the sequel to introduce more villains to the mix. Therefore it’s probably best to get at least one of them all set up and out of the way, so we can then move on to meeting the Rhino, the Green Goblin, possibly the Vulture, very possibly Menace (according to a recent reveal from Felicity Jones), all other members of the Sinister Six, Refrigerator Perry, the Nagging Sense Of Doubt, the 1979 T-Bird *$6,000 OBO*, and so on and so on, until we finally have enough villains for a proper movie.

Hence this teaser, created to drum up anticipation for Spider-Man’s Comic-Con panel, in which Jamie Foxx’s Electro is briefly revealed in all his blue-veined, self-impressed, not-at-all-reminiscent-of-Arnold-Schwarzenegger’s-Mr.-Freeze glory. “You wanna know how powerful I am?…. I’m Electro,” says the man who wields both deadly electricity and mildly annoying non-answers. Do you wanna know how Electro will factor into this increasingly overstuffed film? I’m going for coffee.


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