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The first trailer for Star Wars: Episode IX—The Rise Of Skywalker has arrived

After spoiling us with new Star Wars movies in December 2015, 2016, and 2017, Lucasfilm and Disney sat out the end of 2018 without substantial hints about what our friends Rey, Finn, and BB-8 have been up to since The Last Jedi blew up everything we thought we knew about Star Wars. Finally, though, we have our first teaser for Star Wars: Episode IX, which also features the big reveal of the film’s real title: Star Wars: Episode IX—The Rise Of Skywalker, a title that seems to indicate that Rey is, in fact, a member of that particular clan. That is, unless the title refers to a new-ish character we know for sure has Skywalker blood, Kylo Ren—or the name of a new order of Jedi named after Luke, or another Skywalker we haven’t met yet, or...


The trailer kicks off with Rey in the desert alone, with voice-over from Mark Hamill about passing on the Jedi knowledge, but “this is your fight.” Rey then fires up her lightsaber, and launches into a backflip to cut a TIE fighter in half. Kylo Ren’s rebuilt helmet, Kylo himself in battle, an emotional goodbye for Leia, Poe recklessly piloting a desert ship as C-3PO hangs on for dear life, Lando laughing behind the wheel of the Falcon, Poe, Finn, Rey, Chewie, and their droid friends arriving on an icy planet, and the sinister laughter of Emperor Palpatine—yup, he’s back!—complete the teaser.

J.J. Abrams from The Force Awakens is returning to the Emperor’s big director’s chair once again, along with a bunch of new and familiar faces that we’ve been hearing about for the last year or so.

Star Wars: Episode IX—The Rise Of Skywalker will be in theaters on December 20, 2019.