Photo: Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

Last night’s Game Of Thrones finale left plenty of fodder for people to pick over while waiting for the final season, whenever it happens to come around. One thing that very few people have stopped to think about in its wake, however, is: What would it sound like Kanye were extremely involved, perhaps to the point of being a fictional character on the show in addition to producer of its theme song?

That’s exactly what The Ringer did, creating an audio-visual evocation of Game Of Thrones if it were blasted through Kanye’s massive ego, using exclusively the rapper’s atonal grunts and pure-id stream-of-thought musings to create its famous theme song. Also he shows up to yell at Danaerys.


Like the finale itself, it inspires a lot of hypothetical questions—Is Kanye the king in this theoretical Westeros, or a usurper? Is this what all music sounds like to the ears of Kanye?—which, fortunately, we should have plenty of time to parse between now and the premiere of next season.