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The Ghosted pilot will haunt Twitter prior to its network premiere

Photo: Kevin Estrada/Fox

Like an impatient specter who simply can’t accept that it has to wait until the curious teenagers cross the threshold of the spooky abandoned house before it starts murdering them, new Fox comedy Ghosted isn’t waiting around for its network air date to reveal itself to the world.

And like most things in this world, the supernatural-themed sitcom is taking to social media in lieu of the more traditional route. ScreenRant reports Fox and Twitter have teamed up to stream the inaugural episode from September 21 to 24, more than a week ahead of its October 1 premiere on the channel. It will run nightly at 9 p.m. ET on the site, featuring a special introduction from stars Adam Scott and Craig Robinson, and a Twitter Q&A with cast members after each airing. How exactly we’re supposed to be able to both watch the show and keep refreshing our feeds to continue getting up-to-the-second news about what new glass door Justin Bieber has walked into during that time is anyone’s guess. If this launch is successful, and Scott and Robinson’s paranormal investigators join the pantheon of ghostly TV shows, more programs will presumably follow suit.


This is the beginning of a series of new content creation projects between the social media service and Fox, as the network is also running a live Empire pre-show on Twitter, as well as a marathon of The Mick in advance of that show’s return. Shannon Ryan, chief marketing officer of Fox, says such social media plans are “more important than ever,” presumably before doing a sweet kickflip on her board, slamming a Mountain Dew, and sneering, “See ya later, Grandpa media plans,” then disappearing into the mist, fidget spinners in both hands.

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