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The Host

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While the first teaser for The Host offered little beyond establishing that it is in no way related to the Korean horror film, and that aliens of the future have finally discovered a way to fix red eye in photos, this newer, longer trailer offers a more complete picture of how Twilight author Stephenie Meyer plans to convert hormones into cash once that franchise ends. In summation: More kissing—the sort of desperate, perfect kissing that can overcome whatever supernatural circumstances threaten to keep young lovers apart, which in this case is an invading alien force that obliterates the human soul but also gives you the most beautiful blue eyes, so it's a toss-up.


And while this scenario offers plenty of dystopian science-fiction circumstances that Gattaca director Andrew Niccol can have fun with, more importantly it creates the sort of romantic complications that Meyer specializes in, with the recently usurped Saoirse Ronan torn between her new alien side and the alien it loves, and the last shred of her humanity and its love for the boy (played by Jeremy Irons' son Max) she longs to kiss during rainstorms. It is, in fact, a love quadrangle, a potentially confusing situation that nevertheless promises to double the kissing factor and boost eventual T-shirt sales.

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