Breaking with tried-and-true methods of movie promotion like getting high and saying “dick” a lot, Nick Offerman, Megan Mullally, and Alison Brie are forced to revert to slightly more innocent means to sell you on The Kings Of Summer. That’s because the Sundance favorite is supposed to be a teen-oriented coming-of-age film in the vein of Stand By Me, concerning as it does three young men with parents who just don’t understand, so they run off into the woods to build their very own house. Also, Offerman, Mullally, and Brie are more or less relegated to the background, popping up to, respectively, pass stern judgment on woodworking, say embarrassing mom things, and shake her head like “It’s never gonna happen” at a group of boys. But even without the drug and genitalia talk, there’s plenty of equally reckless machete-wielding, cliff diving, and disregarding of zoning laws here to get you all riled up.