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The Lego Movie

Over 50 years, Legos have grown from simple building-block toys to all sorts of branded building sets, original video games, video game retellings of film series, theme parks, and nearly every kind of tie-in imaginable. But unlike Battleship or Stretch Armstrong, Lego has already branched out into successful direct-to-video entertainment. A theatrical feature has been in development at Warner Bros. since 2008, and it landed with Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller, with the help of Robot Chicken director Chris McKay. The first trailer for The Lego Movie gives a brief look at the computer animation style, which looks a lot like stop-motion with Legos, and shows that Chris Pratt’s lead character Emmet won’t deviate too far from the lovable buffoon he plays on Parks And Recreation. The film depicts various characters of the Lego world—Superman, green ninja, 1980-something space guy, the 2002 NBA All-Stars—desperately trying to save their respective worlds from Will Ferrell’s evil Lord Business. With Morgan Freeman, Elizabeth Banks, Alison Brie, Liam Neeson, Nick Offerman, and Charlie Day rounding out the voice cast, it looks to be a broad slapstick adventure story. And at the very least, the official build sets from this movie should have a crazy array of minifigs.


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