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The Polaroid trailer invites you to say cheese and die

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Dimension Films has found the latest common household item for us all to be suddenly terrified by, releasing a trailer for its new horror film, Polaroid. The film—based on a short by Lars Klevberg—centers on an evil camera that doesn’t add ten pounds to anybody it photographs: It subtracts them, instead. All of them. Permanently. The camera kills people, is what we’re getting at. (Stop us if you’ve heard this one before.)

With Kathryn Prescott as the nerdy teen who finds the haunted antique, and The X-Files’ Mitch Peleggi stretching those old “disbelieve the crazy story” muscles as the town cop, the film sees Prescott and her fellow teen victims attempt to escape the evil camera’s curse. Presumably, we’ll get more flashes and snapshots of how that works out for them when the film arrives in theaters on August 25.