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The soundtrack of Fox’s Rocky Horror remake will premiere the day after the movie

(Screenshot: YouTube)
(Screenshot: YouTube)

In the early scenes of the 1975 cult film The Rocky Horror Picture Show hero and heroine Brad and Janet walk blithely toward a rainswept castle with no understanding of the aberrant horrors that await them inside. If only we had been accorded the same courtesy. But, no. We have already been made all too aware of what we can expect when Fox airs its remake on October 20. We’ve seen an inauspicious trailer for the TV movie, and now we’re hearing the first preview track: Reeve Carney, Annaleigh Ashford, and Christina Milian’s version of “Time Warp”:

If, after hearing that, you said yourself, “Wow! I want more The Voice-inspired interpretations of songs from this classic glam rock musical!,” then you’re in luck. The full soundtrack of the remake will be released the day after the remake airs, on October 21. Here’s the full track list:

1. “Science Fiction/Double Feature”—Ivy Levan (Usherette)

2. “Dammit Janet”—Ryan McCartan (Brad) and Victoria Justice (Janet)

3. “Over At The Frankenstein Place”—Ryan McCartan, Victoria Justice, and Reeve Carney (Riff-Raff)

4. “Time Warp”—Reeve Carney, Christina Milian (Magenta), Annaleigh Ashford (Columbia), and Tim Curry (Criminologist)

5. “Sweet Transvestite”—Laverne Cox (Frank-N-Furter) and Ryan McCartan

6. “The Sword Of Damocles”—Staz Nair (Rocky)

7. “I Can Make You A Man”—Laverne Cox

8. “Hot Patootie”—Adam Lambert (Eddie)

9. “I Can Make You A Man (Reprise)”—Laverne Cox

10. “Touch A Touch A Touch A Touch Me—Victoria Justice

11. “Once In A While”—Ryan McCartan [Bonus Track]

12. “Eddie”—Ben Vereen (Dr. Scott)

13. “Planet Schmanet Janet”—Laverne Cox

14. “Planet Hot Dog”—Laverne Cox

15. “Rose Tint My World”—Annaleigh Ashford, Staz Nair, Ryan McCartan, and Victoria Justice

16. “Don’t Dream It”—Laverne Cox

17. “Wild And Untamed Thing”—Laverne Cox

18. “I’m Going Home”—Laverne Cox

19. “Super Heroes”—Ryan McCartan, Victoria Justice, and Tim Curry

20. “Science Fiction/Double Feature (Reprise)”—Adam Lambert and Ivy Levan

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