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The View hosts learn Larry David isn't any less cranky in the morning

(Screenshot: The View)

Most Curb Your Enthusiasm viewers know Larry David wasn’t playing a character on his hit HBO series all those years—he’s that prickly in real life, and he doesn’t smooth over any rough edges for fans or the press. But the perky morning crew over at The View probably hoped that David had mellowed somewhat with time or success, which is why they asked the kind of inane questions we usually hear on daytime talk shows, expecting that he would respond with something other than sarcasm. He did not.

Joy Behar previously worked with David on her talk show, Way Off Broadway, so she mostly rolled with the punches, though she occasionally was required to prompt the actor-comedian with talk of death, after noting David turned 70 this year, and whether or not he’d ever picked up a Playboy. When it came time for Whoopi Goldberg to read some nonsense from the teleprompter, she braced herself for David’s answer to “What’s the secret of playing Bernie?”

Fellow co-hosts Sara Haines and Sunny Hostin also took turns being on the receiving end of a withering reply or questions about millennials, what to expect from the new season of Curb, and whether one of his daughters is “the new Larry David.” It all went down as expected, with David looking prett-ay annoyed at times. But he sat through two (contractually obligated, presumably) segments, which might actually be some kind of record.


[via The Daily Beast]

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