Tomorrow the trailer for the new Tomb Raider is set to drop, and today the filmmakers released a trailer for the trailer, because that’s how we do things these days. Accompanying it is a poster for the movie, giving the world their first look of new star Alicia Vikander suited up as the iconic Lara Croft. Let’s see how she’s looking!

Yeah, Vikander seems to have gone through some transdimensional portal and come out slightly different, as if she absorbed a second Alicia Vikander and now has it surging out of her freakishly long neck. This is barely an exaggeration:

As is this:

Here, to wit, is what the Ex Machina star actually looks like, sans Photoshop monstrosity:


There were a lot of possible explanations for the bizarre Frankenstein look to the whole thing.


Alternately, maybe the powers that be just wanted to present the historically sexualized character in the weird butt-forward pose of so many other movie posters, and then digitally grafted her head onto a 9-inch neck and hoped we wouldn’t notice. Or maybe Vikander really just beefed up for the role and added an extra couple of inches to her neck. With the right diet, who knows? Maybe any of us could develop sinewy appendages giving us the ability to turn our heads around 180 degrees and also eat leafy foliage from nearby trees.