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"Thot Shit" brings Megan Thee Stallion back to her star-making roots

Megan Thee Stallion revives her "Tina Snow" rap persona to deliver a stinging rebuke to moral scolds

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Screenshot: Megan Thee Stallion / Youtube (Fair Use)

It’s Hot Girl Summer, and Tina Snow’s got men running for the hills. Rapper Megan Thee Stallion has revived her old “Tina Snow” persona in order to respond to those who took issue with her recent activities. Yes, the artist let things get a little sweet with 2020's Suga EP, then took the time to revel in Good News later that year, but Tina’s back, and she’s stepping on necks with new single “Thot Shit.”


“Tina Snow” is the no-nonsense, all-business alter ego of Megan Thee Stallion. Snow’s intimidating, a player, and she knows she’s hot shit. She sports an icy blonde wig and puts men in their place with a dagger tongue. Megan first debuted Tina Snow on her sophomore album, which featured the breakthrough tracks “Big Ole Freak” and “Freak Nasty.” Tina Snow put Megan on the map as the quick-witted rapper from Houston with an insatiable sense of humor—and the talent to back it all up. Now, after several years away, Tina Snow makes her return.

“The women that you’re accidentally trying to step on are everybody you depend on,” Megan tells a white male senator on the other end of the line at the opening of the music video. “They control every part of your life.” As should be clear by now, the music video is a pointed rejoinder to the conservative political meltdown that happened following the release of Cardi B’s “WAP” (featuring Megan) in 2020, calling out the hypocrisy of sexist, derogatory comments made by men in power when they see women empowered sexually. One moment men hide behind a screen, calling women whores for standing firm in their sexual nature, and the next they use them as sexual objects to get off to on the ’hub. Through “Tina Snow,” Megan tackles these issues with confidence and plenty of laughs, letting the opinions of men roll off her back with ease.

In the music video, she and her backup dancers begin to appear everywhere the senator looks. They’re the clerks in the grocery store; the waitresses in the diner; the employees of the sanitation department, shaking ass all along the way. As he runs fearfully through the streets in his skivvies, a twerking police officer pays no mind to his cries. Throughout the video, Megan illustrates how the women that are shamed and dehumanized due to the fears and insecurities of men are the same ones working and caring for them.

The song itself is charged and fast-paced, carrying the intensity last year’s Good News too often lacked. This is what makes the “Tina Snow” material Megan’s best work: she exudes confidence, and encourages listeners to take no shit while being hot shit, and the music rises to reflect that with compelling ferocity. Megan Thee Stallion took her time to slow down and do the “share her truth” thing on recent releases, but now Tina’s in charge, and the energy is infectious.

The rapper makes references to her recent Grammy wins, spitting, “I don’t give a fuck about a blog tryna bash me, I’m the shit per the Recording Academy.” She brought home the Grammys this year for Best New Artist, Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance for “Savage” featuring fellow Texas baddie Beyoncé. Tina Snow was already “Cocky Af” before she won all the Grammys; now, she’s got the trophies to merit her claims.

While she’s been scooping up Grammys and ruling the rap world, she’s been pursuing a bachelor’s degree in health administration from Texas Southern University. Per the new single, she’s almost done with her degree: “2021, finna graduate college.” That’s how you do “Thot Shit” with honors.


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