It's finally happened! The Tolerability Index is now online! Finally you can read a tidy chart full of hatred (and a tiny bit of tolerance) on your computer screen! No more messy newsprint! No more trips to the alternative bookstore! No more stealing your copy of The Onion from underneath a street person! (You shouldn't be doing that anyway.) Print has become pixel! To read it, just look to the right of this post and click on the part that says "The Tolerability Index." It's that simple! Clicking instead of turning a page…Just think about all the effort you're saving. What will they think of next? Isn't technology amazing? (Don't worry, though. For those of you who like to hold what you're reading in your hands, The Tolerability Index will still be available in its traditional messy newsprint form–either on the shelves of your favorite alternative bookstore, or in your favorite box on the corner, or underneath your favorite street person.)