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Tracy Morgan takes on gentrification in the first trailer for The Last OG

We’ve been keeping an eye on TBS’s upcoming comedy The Last OG for a while now; not only does it feature Tracy Morgan, in his first major TV comedy role since 30 Rock (and the car accident that almost took his life), but it also has the ever-delightful Tiffany Haddish in a starring role as Morgan’s character’s ex.

TBS released the first full trailer for the series yesterday, giving us our first sense of how the show—which stars Morgan as an ex-con, adjusting to gentrified Brooklyn and his sudden role as a father—will ultimately present itself. So far, it’s looking like a mixture of pretty standard “old dude can’t adjust” comedy (including a pretty good bit where a convoluted coffee orders draws a brief primal scream on Morgan’s part), and a surprisingly heavy dose of sentimentality. The Last O.G. debuts on TBS on April 3.


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