The original Overboard has a fairly creepy premise, with Kurt Russell playing a carpenter who takes advantage of an amnesiac heiress played by Goldie Hawn who eventually falls in love with him, but this trailer for the Overboard remake kind of negates the creepiness with a simple gender swap. Rather than a man doing a weird thing to a woman, it‚Äôs a woman (Anna Faris) sticking it to a rich jerk who wronged her, thereby making it a ‚Äúdismantle the patriarchy‚ÄĚ story instead of a ‚Äútrick this woman into falling in love with me‚ÄĚ story. It‚Äôll probably still be creepy if the man‚ÄĒplayed by Eugenio Derbez‚ÄĒreally falls in love with Faris, but whatever. Who are we to judge someone‚Äôs crazy love story?

The new Overboard will be in theaters on April 20.