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Trailer recut suggests that Frozen’s Elsa is a formidable villain

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She may look like the Swiss Miss Instant Cocoa mascot and sing with the triumphant voice of Idina Menzel, but Elsa from Disney’s animated super-smash Frozen is not someone with whom to trifle. All things considered, this is a terrifying young woman with wide-ranging, potentially deadly super powers she cannot wholly control. Among supposedly sympathetic Disney characters, perhaps only Tinkerbell is more off-putting. To make matters even worse, Elsa spent years in near-total isolation, the madness and anger festering in her soul, waiting for the opportunity to be unleashed upon an unwitting world. Considering all that she had endured, it’s no wonder that she definitely did not want to build that fucking snowman, thanks all the same. This isn’t the life she chose, but it’s the life that chose her, and woe to anyone who gets in her way. Basically, Elsa is the equivalent of DC Comics’ Icemaiden or Killer Frost, except with show tunes at her disposal, which, if anything, just makes her more of a threat.


Elsa’s long-gestating dark side is finally given free rein in a new trailer re-edit by BloodBlitz Comedy, who previously did pretty much the same thing for Harry Potter. “If Elsa Was The Villain” turns Frozen into a horror/revenge/messed-up-kid-grows-up movie and gives it an appropriately foreboding subtitle, Attack Of The Ice Queen. BloodBlitz Comedy’s gleeful re-editors didn’t have to make too many alterations to the original Frozen footage to sell the Elsa-as-antagonist premise. The original movie already includes many unsettling displays of Elsa’s icy prowess, including multiple attacks on her sweet-natured sister, Anna (voiced by Kristen Bell), who only wants to help and whose caring is rewarded with ice-blasts to the solar plexus. The only real liberties taken in the new video are the addition of some standard-issue horror movie music and a few tasteful applications of blood splatters here and there. Anyone who has longed to see Josh Gad’s irrepressible snowman Olaf sustain massive bodily injuries will certainly find much to enjoy here.

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