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Venture Bros. Vs. Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert may not have anyone to put words in his mouth right now, but that doesn't he has time for your rinky-dink cartoon show: Venture Bros. creator Jackson Publick has caused a minor stir on some of the geekier blogs out there (hey, like this one!) with the news that Colbert has declined to reprise his voiceover role as" Professor Impossible" in the show's upcoming season. Although he noted that he expected this to happen "for reasons which probably have something to do with him being all super-famous, super-busy, and no longer in need of a few hundred bucks here and there," Publick says that the final brush-off was the unkindest cut of all: an email he received from one of Colbert's many assistants saying, "Stephen has neither the time nor the interest in participating in your project." On his own blog, Publick responded, "Was the 'nor the interest' really necessary? I would have bought the 'time' part without question, but man…you gotta kick a guy when he's down like that? Well maybe I'm not interested in your ice cream, mister!" Actor James Urbaniak ("Doctor Venture") has also gotten involved, placing Colbert on notice:

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Stay tuned for updates on what is quite possibly the nerdiest celebrity feud of all time.