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We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Watch Don't Watch This, Netflix's surprise anthology of horror short films for Halloween

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We tend to think of Friday as the “Netflix release day,” given that’s when new series and films are most often launched on the streaming service. But since October 31 falls on a Wednesday this year, Netflix apparently decided Mondays are just as good, because here we are with a spooky new release for the holiday.

Actually, it’s more like five spooky new releases (and “spooky” is relative, as you’ll soon see from the descriptions below). The company just announced (and simultaneously launched) a new anthology of horror-themed short films called Don’t Watch This, a collaboration between Netflix, Crypt TV, the producers of Haunted, and, um...the exec producers of Queer Eye? Is that right? Huh, guess so. Anyway, your prediction is as good as ours as to the quality of each one, though on the horror anthology hit-to-miss ratio we’re obviously hoping it falls more on the V/H/S side of the spectrum than, say, ABCs Of Death.


Don’t Watch This is streaming now, and below you’ll find the loglines for each of the shorts. It also makes for the world’s easiest game of “one of these things is not like the others,” thanks to the Queer Eye producers’ entry:

  • “Friendship Bracelet”: When two popular girls show up to her birthday party, outcast Julie goes to chilling extremes to make them her best friends.
  • “CTRL+ALT+DEL”: A spiteful hacker lured into a virtual reality game on the dark web races to solve three challenges—with harrowing results.
  • “Incommodum”: Ominous symbols, bodily horrors and other frights converge in a surreal nightmare that’s not for the squeamish.
  • “Keep Out”: Teaming up for one last spooky viral video, friends Noah and Alex break into a long-abandoned house, only to discover they’re not alone.
  • “Antoni Psycho”: As Queer Eye food and wine expert Antoni Porowski shares the secrets of his healthy morning rituals, hints of a darker side emerge.