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Photo: Kevin Winter (Getty Images)

For a certain group of Oscar viewers, specifically the people who have faithfully followed Sufjan Stevens’ career since long before he did the score for Call Me By Your Name, his much-hyped and star-studded Academy Awards performance seemed like it would be the second coming of Eliott Smith’s weird-yet-touching take on “Miss Misery” from the 1997 Oscars.

Like Smith, Stevens is a beloved indie darling who wrote some beautiful music, and like Smith’s performance, Stevens’ version of “Mystery Of Love” from Call Me By Your Name felt a little too short at the Oscars. Also, like Smith, Stevens wore a jacket that he maybe shouldn’t have worn. It had colorful stripes and dragons and sparkly pirate cuffs, all of which would’ve been a lot to take in by themselves, but the most frustrating thing about it was that none of us will ever be cool enough to pull something like that off. He was joined onstage by St. Vincent and Moses Sumney, neither of whom were visible adjacent to Sufjan’s jacket.


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